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          部门主管: 克里·史密斯

          第二百货: 莫莉baggaley




          During Key Stage 3 students will develop their reading, writing and speaking & listening skills through the exploration of a wide range of text types. Students will have the opportunity to study novels, short stories, poetry and drama; these texts will include modern texts, texts from the 英语 literary heritage and texts from other cultures. Additionally, students will study a variety of non-fiction texts. To complement study at 关键阶段3 students are offered a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to develop their skills such as theatre trips, author visits, writing competitions and opportunities to have work published.




          At Key Stage 5, students are offered the opportunity to expand and develop their written and analytical skills as students explore structural, linguistic and formalistic analysis of a variety of text types. Additionally, students also explore critical theories and apply this knowledge to a variety of poetry, prose and drama texts. Through the Language and combined Language & Literature courses, they are also encouraged to explore different modes of texts, as well as study the influence and change brought on language by multimedia and online communication. There is a large emphasis on independence and academic rigour at Key Stage 5 which prepares students for the challenge and style of learning which befits undergraduate study. Through the study of the texts, students are encouraged to consider contextual issues surrounding production and receivership, as well as offer an independent and researched analysis to the questions set.






          教师领导联系方式: ksmith@smchull.org

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