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          Whilst providing a broad outstanding curriculum, St Mary's College excels in the delivery of teaching and learning through our three specialist academies: The 体育学院, The Medical, Health & Social Care Academy and The Academy of 音乐 and 表演艺术. 



          Medical, Health & Social Care Academy

          Our Medical, Health & Social Care (MHSC) Academy is a pioneering 2-year training, development and enrichment programme that runs alongside Sixth Form qualification studies and is delivered in partnership with the NHS & Social Care. It has been established to ensure that our students are successful when applying for the next step towards a career in NHS & Social Care. In some cases, it may even lead directly to a job. With this initiative, we aim to increase the NHS & Social Care workforce, particularly in the local area.

          Academy of 音乐 & 表演艺术


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